Thursday, 30 April 2009

While you were sleeping

Well, I've not been sleeping on the job, quiet the oppisite really. I'm yet again rushed off my feet and yet again in India (although flying home in a few short hours).
Why is it that managers only realise that a project wont actually work a few short months/weeks before delivery and then think that just throwing resources at it will solve all the problems, pah. SO here I am again along with several of my colleagues, patching holes and getting it fit for release.
A story all to familiar for my game development ;-)

Anyway, that's not why i'm, posting, I could moan all I want about work, but at the end of the day, I started this blog to force me to improve my skills and share what i've learnt.

To that end, i'm also not above pointing out the work of others. So while I work on my next post. So here are two blogs/posts of interest.

A low poly tutorial for creating a aeroplane propeller using 3DS Max

A series of Blender tutorials including Captain Blender and some character rigging by Maarten

Something to be getting on with while I finish up part 2. It's almost ready, i've completed the 3DS side of the tutorial and need to finish up the Blender repeat.

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