Wednesday, 6 April 2011

SunBurn Snippets #2 - Troubleshooting Lightmaps

Troubleshooting the disabled LightMap option in the SunBurn Editor

So following on from my last post on how to use Blender to get models into the SunBurn Engine, here’s Snippet number 2.

This video basically walks through how to solve one of the issues I faced when starting out with the SunBurn Game Engine, Lightmaps.

As mentioned in the full video previously, in order to use a Model in the SunBurn engine, especially for Windows Phone XNA Games, you need a second uniquely mapped UV channel, the SunBurn engine then used this to store the Light data generated by the engine for display.

With most models bought off the shelf or even created in your favourite tool, you will most likely find that this is not currently available, so you either have to contact the artists to get this added or use a 3D modelling tool, like Blender to add it.

You could of course hack it in your self into the model file as well, but without a tool you will not know which UV data to place into the second layer, so this process of trial and error could take a lot longer (or you could be fantastic with the FBX file format and just fly through it)

The end result is the same, you need that second channel added to your models in order to enable the “Light Mapping” option in the editor and use the model in your game.


Blender has limited support for IMPORTING model formats, there is currently I know of no importer for the FBX format (even with Autodesk tools such as 3DS Max or Maya) without using complex conversion tools.  SO when you are getting or buying models for use with SunBurn games, make sure you can have access to a source model format you can edit e.g. Collada, Blend, 3DS, Obj.  Basically check first. (Although there are a variety of add-on scripts available for importing other formats, but no FBX as yet)

All Done, enjoy the video and happy motoring

Right I'm back off to the Batcave using my Phones SatNav to get there, which may take a while… Hot smile

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