Friday, 3 July 2009

A bit quiet, but here’s more

Sorry to say but work has taken priority at the moment and drained most of my resources (I’m getting battered to hell with deadlines approaching)

Fear not though as I am still working on the tutorial (I set a goal and I'm keeping to it, just not in a timescale I might of liked) although after 1 sick week I did manage to revamp a little XNA work updating an old Camera Examples project that shows how cameras work and how to manipulate them.  It’s been updated to XNA 3.1 and had some fluff added around the edges, a monster input manager and customisable control system, I also integrated the networked GSM sample from the creators site with some additions from my colleague Charles from Dark Omen Games.  Not quiet finished yet as I want to write the settings configuration pages a bit better before re-releasing it.  The Existing XNA 3 project can still be found here on Box.Net (link to follow, thank you firewall) or on my Codeplex page (if your curious about it)

Anyway, that’s not why I was phoning.

As a 3D modelling blog, i have to mention a guy of great interest who has set a very daunting challenge.

100 models in 100 days

Now that is a lofty goal but one that “Josh Mooney” is really up for and is progressing very well with, so far he has gone through about 4 categories:

  • RPG style set
  • A few spaceship models (although he admits these are not up to much)
  • An Entire 3D chess set (which is absolutely fantastic)
  • A 3D RTS set

Work continues and you can follow his progress here.  Keep up the fantastic work Josh.


The Chess set in it’s finished presentation

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