Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Upcoming Updates

Apologies for the delay of my First tutorial post on 3D modelling. I’ve been working hard on the post and it is almost ready, so it should be available soon.

Problem is that where I work, I’m required to travel abroad from time to time and for the Last 3 weeks I’ve been enjoying Chennai, India.  Over here is the main development part of our organisation (yes, we have offshore development).  But when I’m here my time is sucked away ass I end up doing 2 jobs, my normal working day now in Indian time and then have to continue on with my UK day (as they are 5 1/2 hours behind India).  The upshot being is that my day starts at 8:30 and doesn’t end until early am.

Map picture

As I said this hasn’t left me a lot of time to work on the tutorial but I have made a lot of progress so it should be here the next week or so.  Other problem I had was all the screenshots I took off my development machine for MAX were copied to a pen drive to bring with me to add in to the post (since my laptop cannot handle MAX).  Answers on a postcard as to where that pen drive still is :-)

But I still have Blender with me here and all the images for that are done at least.  So it should just be a final tidy up, add the Max images and it’ll be published.


You still have been warned that the first post will be a bit dry but I promise the tutorials following it will be a lot more fun.  No one likes the theory part of the course!!) but it is necessary.

Now time to finish work, grab my bags and head off to the airport as I fly home tonight, much to my wife’s joy after having all 4 of our kids running round her heals for the last 3 weeks.  This is still obviously still bad for me as my work never ends, just changing from 2 days work a day to 1 day work and looking after kids in the evening.  Not that Ii mind, I love my kids dearly (and the wife ;-) )

Just have to hope now that the plane isn’t being pulled by a couple of sparrow’s.

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